We Care About How You Look

Magic Global was founded with one goal in mind; to help you feel good and look beautiful.

We believe that our selection of beauty and slimming services, coupled with our friendly and professional staff is a key to our success.

Our Slimming Concept

  • Reduce cm
  • Reduce fat
  • Reduce kg
  • Reduce water retention
  • Maintain body muscle
  • No pill, no hunger
  • No replacement food
  • Natural & healthy meal plan
  • Keep Slim forever
As our slogan says, keep slimming is good for health, let’s do it the healthy way, Magic Global has been actively promoting the concept of healthy slimming since our involvement in this business. With example after examples of success stories in healthy body slimming, the name of Magic Slim body shapers has been regarded as equalized to healthy and effective slimming while the concept of healthy slimming has been widely accepted by our customers.

Our Company Philosophise

  • Every customer will be assured of Magic Global Exclusive Hallmark of,
  • Acclaimed Service
  • Optimum Quality
  • Astute Professionalism
  • Advanced Technology
  • Effective Results

Secret to a Garment with a Perfect Fit

Bigy TanSlimming undergarments have been around for literally ages.

Some of those earlier undergarments were close to torturous as women in the 1700 and 1800 tried to make their 30-inch waist a size 18 by the means of a corset that literally pulled the waist and midriff in painful inch by painful inch.

Then of course were the girdles of the 1950s and 60s; while less torturous than corsets they were still extremely uncomfortable not to mention making that above the waist bulge most women hated. 

It can well be said that the concept of body shapers have been around for centuries with ‘corsets’ and ‘girdles’ of years that were worn by women to squeeze the figure into the desired form.

Still women suffered wearing these garments clinging to the old adage that one had to suffer to be beautiful.

Modern body shapers are typically more comfortable corsets and girdles that can help shape any part of the body and not just the waist and bust.

A woman today while still aspiring to be as attractive as possible, no longer believe that being beautiful needs to be a painful experience. More and more they are choosing slimming undergarments that both enhances their beauty and provides them comfort all day long.

Bigy Tan

Founder of Magic Global Group


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