Magic BooBs FAQ

How do I become a distributor of Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra?
We offer attractive distributorship opportunities. Feel free to submit your contact information to Magic Global Group and we’ll get in touch with you. We can also be reached directly at +65 6741 4588 / +65 9106 3688.
What is the best way to launder the Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra?
Unlike normal cotton bras, if not properly washed, it may damage the fabric and so with the fibers and also significantly shorten its life. Do not dry clean, be very gentle with your hands during hand wash, water temperature should not exceed 40° C, best around 30°, use neutral detergent, do not use washing soap or detergent. Detergent must be added directly into warm water at 30°-40°, not directly on the Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra, and dry either indoor or outdoor without direct sunlight.
How often do I need to wear the Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra?
Wearing the Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra more often is advisable for faster and effective results. This body shaper bra is proven and tested, and no harm effects for breasts.
How do I feel when I wear the Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra?
Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra only weighs 50g & only 0.5mm, very light to use and you will not feel any discomforts, since Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra is the thinnest bra and lightest bra.
Is Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra available in shopping malls and stores?
Magic Global Group’s product are not available on shopping malls and stores, instead, we directly process and send orders through shipping or posting.
If there’s manufacturing defects of the fabric upon purchase, can I return the product?
Yes, we allow return and exchange of stocks within 24 hours upon purchase, and we can no longer accept if the product has been washed already.
What are the sizes available?
Please refer to the following sizes. Click here.
Is it safe to wear Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra at night since wearing bra while sleeping is not advisable?
Wearing Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra is more advisable when sleeping; it will make the chest more comfortable and healthy, and reduce the incidence of mammary gland disease. It’s made from a natural skin-friendly plus material, and will never cause allergy. No underwire so very comfortable to wear.
What are the good and effective effects of Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra?
After three months of wearing Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra, your breasts will be centralized and firmed and will be shaped for 24hrs, so your chest will never run out of the shape even when you remove the Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra. Has no steel rims and rubber bone just like natural underwear. Your chest will feel completely free in the process of shaping. Also improves blood circulation and hence, reduce occurrence of mammary gland disease.
How does Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra works?
Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra functions in all the idle fats around the breast, also from 2 nipples and to the middle of the clavicle. It helps to maintain the golden triangle, thus breasts can maintain their shape. Helps to maintain the golden triangle, thus, breasts can maintain their shape. When you wake up, you will find sagging breasts being lifted & disperse breasts have centralized. Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra shoulder straps are wide to protect the breasts by holding your breasts comfortably & snugly. Adopts the deep cup style, hence, it can hold fleshy breasts as well. It will push the breasts upward & your breasts can have enough space for growth. Has thick front & back band which can smooth bulging fats instantly.
Are there any side effects of wearing Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra, and which breast type it suits the most?
Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra is very safe, so no side effects to breasts. Also good for lactating women since it provides a good support of the breasts. Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra helps the secondary growth of the breasts safely and effectively without any toxic & side effects. Suitable for teenagers also as it can hold the position of the breasts to prevent the spillover of fats, which will result in flat chest. Women who has sagging or uneven breast. And women who would like to have healthy & beautiful breasts.
What are the benefits of wearing Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra?
It has L-type high flexibility breast support and is so soft just like our hands, wear it & with just a pull, busts line will be lifted up 90 degrees immediately. It also locks bulging fats the O style memory cup is made from an advanced plastic chest mold in France, it helps to centralize the disperse breasts again. Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra redevelops since the Bra is consists of 1900 life magnetic points in the cup, once in contact with chest, it releases 1000 Gaussian electro-magnetic, dredge the meridians, & promotes the re-development of the chest & mammary gland.
How does Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra differ from other bras, and what makes it special?
Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra material is elegantly hued, luxuriously smooth & soft, elastic, comfortable, colorfast & shrink-proof. It uses quality silk fabric incorporates an elastic structure & a double vapors barrier layer. Comfortably airy, sweat-absorbent, deodorizing & anti-bacterial. Weighing 50g & only 0.5mm thin, it’s the world’s lightest & thinnest bra.
What is Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra?
A uniquely designed bra that utilizes state of-the-art fabric commonly used in space suits & comes coupled with negative ions, far-infrared, maifanite stone, bio-magnet, & bamboo charcoal & trace element capabilities. Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra is the First Global R&D Technology Bra, where softness and toughness can reach 18 times of ordinary materials.


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