Magic Slim FAQ

How can I sell the Magic Slim™ Body Shaper and earn money?
You can become a distributor, helping other women look and feel great in their Magic Slim™ Body Shaper, while helping yourself financially by calling +6591063688. Click the link below to find out how you can start your own business with Magic Slim™ Body Shaper.
For oversea customer, how long does shipping take?
In normal circumstances, your Magic Slim™ Body Shaper will go out of our warehouse in 3-5 business days, and FedEx/UPS or Postal delivery will take other 3-5 business days, however in some cases this will take longer. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. If you require your Magic Slim™ Body Shaper faster, please contact us directly before you place your online order by calling +6591063688 or sent an email to
Once I place my order, can it be changed?
If you need to change your order, you must do so within 24 hours. Unfortunately, most orders cannot be changed after 24 hours. The order is shipped direct from the manufacturer warehouse, and once the order is printed, they will not allow us to make any changes.
Are the Magic Slim™ Body Shaper available for purchase in most major department stores?
No. At this time, you can only purchase Magic Slim™ Body Shaper from any magic global group representative.
Where do you manufacture Magic Slim™ Body Shaper?
Magic Slim™ Body Shaper are manufactured in Japan.
How do I care for the Magic Slim™ Body Shaper?
Washing instructions – Your Magic Slim™ Body Shaper is designed to be hand washed. This will make sure that the garment lasts for years to come. Drying instructions – To dry your Magic Slim™ Body Shaper, do not put it into a dryer or hang it up. You should lay it down on a flat surface to dry.
How difficult is it to put on the Magic Slim™ Body Shaper?
The Magic Slim™ Body Shaper is designed to be easy to wear, but you may need assistance the first time you put on the garment. After you wear the body shaping garment for 8-10 hours, the garment will have had its initial stretching. You should then be able to put on the garment without assistance.
How often am I supposed to wear the Magic Slim™ Body Shaper?
You can wear the Magic Slim™ Body Shaper whenever you want to look your best. If you need support every day, you can wear it all day, every day. The manufacturer designed the garment knowing that many women would want to wear it all the time to look their best. The only times you shouldn’t wear your garment is when you sleep and while you exercise.
Do I need to order a smaller size than my normal clothes size to get the compression effect?
No. Order the size that the chart recommends for your measurements. Let the compression garment do the minimizing and supporting comfortably.
How do I know which size to order?
We have a size chart to guide you in your selection. You can access it by CLICKING HERE.
Is It a Top or a Bottom?
The Magic Slim™ Body Shaper has both a top and a bottom support garment that work together to keep you looking as smooth and slim as possible. You can wear either of them on their own or together. They come in both black and nude colors, so they will never be seen beneath your clothing, and they also come in a wide variety of sizes, so there is one for every shape of woman.
Which parts of my body will the Magic Slim™ Body Shaper help?
The Magic Slim™ Body Shaper garments provide targeted compression and support to the most common trouble areas of your body. Decreases the appearance of cellulite in these areas Shapes and lifts your buttocks to provide an enhanced view of the backside Abdomen and hips: Eliminates tummy bulge Smooth away love handles Overall body support: Minimizes back flab Supports saggy skin Supports and improves posture
Will the Magic Slim™ Body Shaper garments cause discomfort?
If the Magic Slim™ Body Shaper garment is your first experience with a control garment, it may take a day or two for you to get use to the compression that the garment provides. After a few days of wear, the garment will feel like a second skin.
Will I be overheated when I wear the Magic Slim™ Body Shaper beneath my clothes?
The Magic Slim™ Body Shaper garments were designed with a special blend of fabrics, including cotton and a special latex, which allows the garment to breathe to prevent overheating.
I just had a baby. Is the Magic Slim™ Body Shaper garment safe for me to wear?
It sure is. In fact, it’s a great idea to wear one after a pregnancy. The Magic Slim™ Body Shaper will give your abdomen the support it needs as your stomach muscles recover their strength. And you can get a shapely appearance quickly even while you still have a few pounds to lose.
Who was the Magic Slim™ Body Shaper made for?
The Magic Slim™ Body Shaper was designed for anyone who wants extra support and shaping to their body. Our Magic Slim™ Body Shaper product line includes designs for both men and women who want to look their best. These garments can help people who: Are overweight Have lost weight but now have saggy skin Have troubled areas, such as love handles or tummy bulge Just want a shapelier, more streamlined appearance
Is Magic Slim™ Body Shaper Comfortable?
The problem with old girdles is that they weren’t comfortable at all. They were tight and constricted how much you could breathe. The Magic Slim™ Body Shaper is incredibly comfortable and actually helps you to stand straighter and retain a better posture.
Magic Slim™ Body Shaper: Will It Work for You?
Few of us have the time to go on a diet and start exercising like crazy just to fit into a new dress for a big occasion. But by using the Magic Slim™ Body Shaper, you can do that in a matter of minutes. This is an innovative product based on one of the oldest pieces of garments that women have ever worn – the girdle – but it offers so much more. The Magic Slim™ Body Shaper not only helps to suck you in and smooth you out, but will also make you look as if you are much smaller than you are. Many women also find that it helps their chests look ample and fuller and offer great support, which is great for many women.
What can Magic Slim™ Body Shaper do?
A favorite outfit can be worn quite comfortably and confidently all day with a Magic Slim™ Body Shaper in place. You can enjoy an hourglass figure while still breathing and eating comfortably. Our Magic Slim™ Body Shaper aim to firm and shape the desired areas such as midriff, tummy, sides, waist, bottom, thighs, back and hips. They can be worn as an invisible under clothing with flat seams and support panels. They adopt a four way stretch and memory to retain shape. Magic Slim™ Body Shaper also help to even out cellulite. Magic Slim™ Body Shaper garments can make you appear thinner /slimmer and hide trouble areas. Additionally, Magic Slim™ Body Shaper can also contribute to enhance body areas; providing additional curves and padding. The beauty of our Magic Slim™ Body Shaper not only lies in its ability to provide instant shaping and sculpting – you can actually lose weight in it because it suppresses your appetite! That’s right – it’s not just about instant results.
What is Magic Slim™ Body Shaper?
The Magic Slim™ Body Shaper is a unique control garment designed to give you the support and shape your need – where you need it most. It provides targeted compression to troubled areas of your body to eliminate unsightly bulges beneath your clothes. No more protruding tummy, love handles, back flab, or saggy skin. The result you instantly look like you’ve lost 1 – 3 sizes. Aging, excess weight, and child birth is just a few of the reasons why our organs become enlarged and misplaced. The specialized construction of this garment manipulates your displaced vital organs back into place. Fat cells begin to metabolize, and the end result is that you lose weight. Daily use of the Magic Slim™ Body Shaper triggers long term weight loss. This causes your body to shrink to the size of the garment, and initiates long lasting improvements in your health. You will feel better and look great wearing the Magic Slim™ Body Shaper.


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