For many women, changes in weight are often punctuated by pregnancy. After nine months of being in a body that’s constantly changing, you’re psyched to finally meet your kid embrace Mom life. At the same time, there’s so much focus on celebs’ post-baby bodies and how fast they’ve “bounced back.”

            Many women talk about the struggle to lose weight after giving birth, but for some out there the problem turns out to be gaining weight postpartum. In today’s society, women’s bodies are judged and scrutinized. It isn’t healthy, it isn’t fair, and it isn’t likely to stop anytime soon.

             I am 27 years old and it’s been a year already since I gave birth to my first born son, so he is 1 year old now. <3
However, I have gained so much weight and it’s my frustration now on how to shed pounds. I can no longer wear my favorite dresses 🙁
Been asking to my circle of friends, and consulting other moms on what they do to lose weight. It’s a big deal for me having overweight, as I am not used to it, and it is now the reason of my insecurities and it even affects my self confidence.

          I really had a hard time following my daily diet meal as I really want to eat and eat. Maybe because I am breastfeeding with my son, I feel like I am always hungry 😀 but, seriously, it’s really true! So I started searching  over the internet for the solutions of my problem. Luckily, I have read a testimonial page on Magic Slim, and was so amazed how the garment helps them shed and lose fat after giving birth. So I have decided to place an order on their website, and after almost 2 months of wearing it, I lose weight and so amazed with the results, I can wear my old cloths again 🙂 Thanks to Magic Slim!
         Take it from me, lose weight now! I am Mia, from the Philippines.


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