Hey there! I’m Jane. I think that motherhood should be savored, like a good piece of chocolate. But sometimes it feels like more duty than delight. Am I right?
Sometimes, you you feel tired and get bored, yet, at the end of the day it’s more fulfilling when you tace care your family and kids, and that feeling like your tiresome day turns into a happy one. It’s when your  kids are so clingy and keep hugging you, it’s like a never ending happiness. 🙂

However, you’ll agree with me, you already know a little bit about life as mom, the lifestyle. It’s full of sleepless nights, overflowing diaper pails, and messes that multiply like bunnies and everything!

Being a Mommy is not easy, you need to know the real meaning of a M O M…
That is…
mom-master-of-multitasking-77516251But being a mommy is one of the best job a woman can have…

When you’re already a mom, sometimes you forget to take care of yourself, and worst is even taking a bath! Lol! 😀 but it’s the reality of being a mother. You forget about yourself…no more time for makeup, and beauty regimens sessions, shopping and everything!

That’s why..moms out there, give yourself a time to relax, it’s not bad to have a perk on working excellently as a MOM, go out, take some walk, go for shopping and buy something for yourself and consider it as a self-reward.

Talking about self-reward, I got mine already, I think it’s a perfect choice and purchase.. They offered 20% OFF, so I grabbed the chance, and purchased it…now enjoying my Magic Slim! I love my Magic Slim and I love being a Mom! 🙂
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