All women wants a healthy breast as possible. As we enter our 30s, 40s, and 50s, breasts change along with the rest of our body. In childbearing years,  we wonder whether breastfeeding will affect our shape. After menopause, we might be more concerned about breast cancer risk.  prevent-sagging-breasts     Saggy breast is also one of the concerns of most women nowadays. At 30’s and mid 30’s, or more popular for childbearing and breastfeeding. Saggy breasts are most common to women. Leona Downey, MD, assistant professor of clinical medicine at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center, quoted that “nursing doesn’t actually cause breast tissue to droop. Instead, breast swelling during lactation can stretch the skin over the breast. Then when your breasts shrink again, you have this loose skin that appears to sag more than it did before.” wpid-breast1_YFgYfe Katherine Kam, a journalist in California who has written for WebMD, the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Time Inc. publications. She said in her article that, Experts said that you can’t do much to slow or prevent sagging. Because the breasts contain no muscles, you can’t really exercise your way to a perkier chest. However, some doctors advise women to wear sports bras during jogging to prevent bouncing that can stretch the ligaments. “Wearing a tight-fitting bra on a regular basis probably doesn’t make a big difference,” Downey says, “but wearing a bra that prevents a lot of bouncing, like with jogging, probably does minimize stretching of those fibrous bands.” Magic Boobs, a body shaper bra, can really help to prevent saggy breasts. A sport-style underwear made from strong shrink proof, sweat absorbing high-tech material suitable for active women, Magic BooBs shoulder straps are set wide to hold your breasts comfortably & snugly. Magic BooBs will also push the breasts upward to give your breasts enough space for growth. Yours Boobs will be shaped for 24hrs, never run out of shape even when you remove it! You can read what other women tells about Magic  Boobs from their testimonials. 🙂 Ladies and moms out there, don’t worry too much, you can say good bye to your back fat!

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