Why is it that some people have more problems when it comes to eliminating fat deposits than others?

It has everything to do with the hypothalamus gland.

There are three basic ways that the body stores fat: as structural fat, in normal fat reserves and as problem fat reserves.

1. Structural Fat

Structural fat is part of the building blocks of the body. This type of fat surrounds the joints and the internal organs. This fat is like a soft cushion facilitates movement and prevents bone grinding on bone. This is not the fat you want to lose while you are on any diet as it is integral to the structure of your body and to accomplishing even the simplest of movements.

2. Normal Fat Reserves

These are the fat reserves that are everywhere in your body. This is a thin layer of subcutaneous fat that all of us have in our bodies. This fat keeps us warm, supple and keeps us from hurting ourselves when we fall.

3. Problem Fat Reserve Areas

Problem fat reserve areas are spread throughout your body. They are designed to be a modern survival mechanism. Once fat is stored in these areas the fat will not be released easily if ever. Most people discover how stubborn these problem fat reserve areas can be when they go on a diet and exercise program. They lose water, structural fat and muscle mass and still retain these pouches of fat no matter how much they diet or exercise to get rid of it!

When you go on a severe diet you just end up losing the fat where you absolutely can’t afford to – in the structural and subcutaneous areas of the body.

The only way to lose problem fat areas is to adjust the function of the hypothalamus through eating a healthy diet. It is the only way to prevent fat from being stored abnormally in these secure problem area fat reserves.

The only other time that the body will release these fat reserves is at the absolute point of starvation or during pregnancy.

But don’t worry about these extra fats in some areas on your body, there’s a fast and effective body shaper you can use while you’re doing some exercise, and diet to eliminate those unwanted fats, simply, aid it with Magic Slimming Suit, it will make all the difference. 🙂

The bottom line is that you are not fat or obese unless your metabolism is abnormally low. The issue is that when the hypothalamus gets put in an abnormal state it stores at in these secure abnormal fat reserves at a much higher rate than usual. Once you start eating an alkaline, plant based diet devoid of the refined sugars and flours and embark on a regular exercise program it is easy to lose excess fat – quickly, efficiently and forever!

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