Magic BooBs™ Shaper Bra

$ 129

  • World Lightest & Most Comfortable Bra from JAPAN.
  • Incorporate with JAPAN Latest state-of-art technology.
  • Magic Boobs is the world’s first bra to make breasts healthier & more beautiful.
  • No Under wire!
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A uniquely designed bra that utilizes state of-the-art fabric commonly used in space suits & comes coupled with negative ions, far-infrared, maifanite stone, bio-magnet, & bamboo charcoal & trace element capabilities.
  • Magic BooBs material is elegantly hued, luxuriously smooth & soft, elastic, comfortable, colorfast &shrink-proof.
  • Magic BooBs uses quality silk fabric incorporates an elastic structure& a double vapours barrier layer.
  • Magic BooBs is comfortably airy, sweat-absorbent, deodorizing & anti-bacterial.
  • Weighing 50g & only 0.5mm thin, it‘s the worlds lightest & thinnest bra!
Key Features of Magic BooBs™

Magic BooBs™ is the First Global R&D Technology Bra, where softness & toughness can reach 18 times of ordinary materials.
  • Lift up: the L-type high flexibility breast support is so soft just like our hands, wear it & with just a pull, busts line will be lifted up 90 degrees immediately.
  • Lock fat: the O style memory cup is made from an advanced plastic chests mold in France, it helps to centralize the disperse breasts again.
  • Re-development: Consists of 1900 life magnetic points in the cup, once in contact with chest, it releases 1000 Gaussian electro-magnetic, dredge the meridians, & promotes the re-development of the chest & mammary gland.
Benefits of Magic BooBs™
  • Manage all the idle fat around us, from two nipples to the middle of clavicle.
  • Helps to maintain the golden triangle, thus, breasts can maintain their shape. When you wake up,you will find sagging breasts being lifted & disperse breasts have centralized!
  • A sport style underwear it helps sagging breasts by centralizing them & lifting them up & its made from strong sweat absorbing high-tech material, suitable for active women.
  • Shoulder straps are wide to protect the breasts by holding your breasts comfortably & snugly.
  • Adopts the deep cup style, hence, it can hold fleshy breasts as well. It will push the breasts upward & your breasts can have enough space for growth.
  • Has thick front & back band which can smooth bulging fats instantly. You can wear tight fitting clothes with confidence!
  • Helps in the secondary growth of your breasts safely & effectively without any toxic & side effects.
Magic Boobs™ is Suitable For
  • Teenage girls as it can hold the position of the breasts to prevent the spillover of fats, which will result in flat chest.
  • Women during pregnancy & lactation. After lactation, the bulgy breasts will shrink quickly. The breasts will hang down like two cloth bags if there is no external support.
  • Women who has sagging or uneven breast.
  • Women who would like to have healthy & beautiful breasts.
Magic Boobs Size Chart

Your Bra Size70-75cm80-85cm90-95cm
Magic BooBs SizeMLXL

Additional information

Weight 50 g

M, L, XL

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